Thursday, February 12, 2015

ちゃんぽん亭 (Champontei in Hikone, Shiga)

ちゃんぽん亭総本家 彦根駅前本店


Holy smokes! I discovered a minor Japanese ramen style that I had no idea existed!

I make it no secret that I am a big ramen nerd, and thusly try and know as much as I can about not just the Tokyo ramen scene, but the fascinating world of local ramen throughout Japan. So when I rolled into Hikone Station, on the banks of Lake Biwa, and saw a famous-in-our-town poster at the station, I was shocked to see something new.


Omi champon. I had heard of omigyu, the locally raised cattle with well marbled meat, but had never heard of a locally branded ramen. I had also heard of champon, the famous ramen style from Nagasaki. Gotta grab a bowl.


According to the champon wikipedia page, 近江ちゃんぽん dates back to the 90s, when local shop Champontei wanted to expand their brand and become a franchise chain. By creating a local style, they could count on a minor influx of tourism, and things like the previously mentioned train station poster calling them out by name.

Yeah, this one isn't looking to good.


But then I dug into it. Omi champon is defined as having a light broth made with konbu seaweed and katsuo fish. Top with a hug pile of crisp vegetables, and give the customer lots of vinegar on the table to hit it with. This bowl was, shockingly, quite good. Although I think the concept of making this a local dish is corny, in the end I recommend it to anyone who is in this area and needs an affordable bowl.

Not worth a huge detour, but Hikone is a quaint little castle town that might be worth a trek for someone living in the Kansai area.


Of course, B-list celebrities put on their best faces for the cameras, as always.

Official Site Here


Map of 滋賀県彦根市旭町9-6

Shiga-ken, Hikone-shi, Asahimachi 9-6
Closest station: Hikone

Open 11:00-23:00


Unknown said...

An usefull post,thx to admin for the article

Ame- said...

Nice, Thank

KR said...

This place is the best! I used to live in Hikone. I am so glad to hear you discovered it!

It's actually in Shiga, not Saga. :-)

David said...

I lived in Hikone in 2001 and again in 2004 when I was a student at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities. I was hoping against hope that you would review my local ramen joint when I stumbled across this blog.

Great post. Love the blog. You make me hungry and nostalgic every time I look at it. Can't find much variety of ramen in southeast Michigan...