Monday, January 19, 2015

うさぎ食堂 (Usagi Shokudo in Naka-Meguro)



Toripaitan, ramen that is made with a creamy chicken soup, is nothing new. But in recent years, a few stand out shops like Kagari and Ushio bring things to a higher level. Mega-rich soup with fresh toppings that put regular ramen to shame.


This one was recommended by the barbecue master at Hatos Bar, a nearby smokehouse barbecue spot that meat lovers need to know about. Don't tell anyone, but Sou-san, the master, prefers a good bowl of ramen over perfectly cooked ribs. Food is funny that way.


The menu is only a couple items; torishiroramen and bejitanmen. Both use the same soup, but differ in noodles and toppings.


The veggie version was hard to pass up. Chicken chashu, duck chashu, garlic toast, and a heap of colorful vegetables. 1500 yen is spendy, but not really that much for good food in the Naka-Meguro area.


If you are out here for the famous cherry blossoms that line the river during March and April, Usagi Shokudo is a good bet for a quick bite.

Followed, of course, by some barbecue and craft beer at Hatos Bar!


Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Aobadai 1-30-12
Closest station: Naka-Meguro

Open 11:30-22:00
Closed Mondays

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