Monday, November 24, 2014

東京ラーメンショー (Tokyo Ramen Show 2014)



It is that time of year again. The 2014 Tokyo Ramen Show. There are so many choices, but I only had time for three.


Rairaiken recreated a recipe from 100 years ago. Neat! It turned out to be a great bowl. The flavors were solid, with nothing crazy, and nothing intense.


Of course, you should pick the longest line, right?


The Fukushima toripaitan sold over 8000 bowls at a regional ramen fest, and was finally making the trek down to Tokyo.


The Tokyo Ramen Show is all about collaboration bowls.


This one between Matador and Kuroki brought two of my favorite shops together, though the result was 95% Matador.


I was a bit rushed when I went, so didn't have a chance to get too deep into the mix this year. Did anyone go there? I'd love to hear your impressions.

Official Site Here.


It is finished by the time this post goes live. Catch the 2015 one if you are in town!

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Mark Ravinet said...

I was there for the second weekend early on Saturday. It was raining and the crowds were thin on the ground, meaning I could get at several of the most popular bowls without needing to queue for long. I had the Takayama Black which was easily some of the best shoyu ramen I've ever tried. There was also a miso bowl from Hokkaido (I forgot the name) which was good and it had fantastic chasyu, tasted like it had curry seasoning.