Monday, November 17, 2014

ちゃっちゃか (Chachaka in Shinjuku)



One of the best ramen shops in Tokyo is Nagi in Shinjuku's Golden Gai district. Golden Gai is a sight to behold. Four or five small alleys are home to hundreds tiny bars, and a handful of restaurants. With Nagi commanding long lines at all hours, and holding the crown for years, is there room for another shop?


Sure, why not. Chachaka serves up three kinds of miso, each kicked up with seafood. You have from left to right and top to bottom, dried fish, shrimp, and crab (and a beer).


The chef recommended the shrimp.


A decent bowl, accented with a healthy serving of fresh baby shrimp. It was, though, lacking some kick.


Good thing they have a homemade spice blend. Take pepper, sansho, and a bunch of secret stuff, and you have exactly what this bowl needs. Use a lot of it.


And get back to the bars!

Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 1-1-8
Closest station: Shinjuku

Open 7:00pm-5:00am

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