Monday, October 13, 2014

The Grand Tsukemen Fest 2014

大つけ麺博 - 2014

Once again the Grand Tsukemen Fest is upon us! Once again it is in Okubo Park, just minutes from Shinjuku Station. Once again I'm having an official Ramen Adventures Meetup!

What: The 2014 Grand Tsukemen Fest
Where: Okubo Park (大久保公園)
When: Sunday, October 19th from 7pm-9pm

Check the meetup link here:

RSVP and tell a friend. Anyone is welcome!


The event is on from October 2nd to 29th, every day, so feel free to check it out when you have time. Each week, from Thursday, six new shops from all over Japan come to showcase what they can do with tsukemen.


I couldn't make the first week, but here are some impressions from week two.


Junk Story, a shop from Osaka, killed it with this one. Simple and intense, you can't go wrong with a solid tonkotsu gyokai toripaitan soup.


Otodo, the 3rd place winner from last year, topped themselves with this one. A heavy chicken soup with plenty of great toppings.


Strike, another Osaka shop, made a light toripaitan that was the surprise of the day. Very refreshing.

Also, they have the best T-Shirt of the event! Go Raiders!


Gonokamisuisan made an interesting gindama, sablefish, soup that was on the fishy side, but excellent when piping hot.


I hope to see some of you at the meetup on October 19th!

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