Monday, October 6, 2014

鮮魚らーめん 五ノ神水産 (Sengyoramen Gonokamisuisan in Kanda)

鮮魚らーめん 五ノ神水産


The 五ノ神 (gonokami) group of ramen shops just opened their third branch. If you didn't see my reviews of the first two, check them out here. Both come highly recommended.

五ノ神製作所 (Gonokamiseisakujo in Shinjuku)
五ノ神製作所 (Gonokamiseisakujo in Okubo)


While the others focus on shrimp and lobster, the new one is strictly 鮮魚 - fresh fish.


The hand-written ticket machine is hard to read. Basically, the top is 銀だらラーメン. Gindara, after much use of the internet and translation apps, is sablefish. The bottom is 鮭つけ麺, a tsukemen made with salmon.

I was with the Ramen Shaman, another ramen blogger, so we got one of each.


I wasn't feeling the ramen. Ramen these days uses a lot of dried fish, and the fresh fish taste seemed very off to me. Creamy and fishy and funky.


The salmon on the other hand was decadent. Thick noodles sitting in a creamy sauce, topped with smoked salmon, dipped in a smoky broth.


Tokyo, Chioda-ku, Kandakamachi 2-9-6
Closest station: Kanda

Open 11:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00
Closed Sundays

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