Monday, October 20, 2014

まつ田 (Matsuda in Asahikawa, Hokkaido)

旭川ラーメン まつ田


Asahikawa! Long time, no see!


A quick history of Asahikawa ramen:

Asahikawa created their own signature ramen style back in 1947, when Hachiya and Aoba started mixing pork and chicken bone soup with a lighter, fishy soup. While nowhere near as famous a style as Sapporo miso ramen, this is one of my favorite places to slurp. The ramen tends to be a bit intense up here in the north, just the way I like it. And while the original shops still command long lines, there are plenty of other top shops in Asahikawa. Tenkin tends to be many people's favorite.

But I've visited all of these shops. Time to hit the solid #4 in town.


Matsuda's tontoro chashumen comes in at a staggering 1200 yen. That's almost double what a normal bowl in Hokkaido costs.


But they've been serving this one for a while, and the masses have spoken with their wallets. This is a great bowl. Not as intense as Hachiya or Aoba, this one is the perfect backdrop for the chashu that makes Matsuda famous.


The thing you paid so much for is worth it. Pork that melts into the bowl. Almost impossible to pick up with your chopsticks.

This is tontoro, the fattiest pieces of meat. Taken from the jowl, this cut is often compared to fatty tuna. I don't know about that analogy, but it is definitely some of the best in town.


See you next year, Asahikawa!


北海道旭川市2条通6丁目 エンドレス26 1F
Hokkaido, Asahikawa, Jodori 2-6

Open 11:00-4:00am

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