Thursday, October 16, 2014

極 (Kiwami in Kameido)


Is this a ramen shop? Kind of.


The concept of the Kameido Yokocho is simple. Sit at any of the tiny bars, order some drinks and snacks, and then proceed to order food from any of the other adjoining shops in the area. It is a fun idea. It is also super cheap, and a group of any size can eat and drink for next-to-nothing. Yokocho, by the way, means alley.


A hidden gem, and the perfect place to kick it.

Although we were seated at a shop specializing in fried skewers of meat, Kiwami was right across from us, and the miso ramen was unavoidable. This was also, unofficially, a sort of ramen-related gathering. One order of miso ramen with six bowls please!


How was the miso ramen from Kiwami?


Inexpensive, if I recall. Yeah, it isn't winning any awards, but these places aren't meant to be culinary masterpieces. It was good enough to share, and we all left the yokocho happy.


Kameido Yokocho site here.

Tokyo, Edo-ku, Kameido 5-13-2
Closest station: Kameido

Open at night

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