Thursday, October 9, 2014

角栄 (Kakua in Shinjuku)

Miso Noodle Spot 角栄 KAKU-A


One of the best shops that I don't visit so much anymore is just down the street from Shinjuku, in Hatagaya. 弥彦 - Yahiko - serves up a mean Niigata-style miso that I randomly crave now and then. The problem, though, is that sometimes the Hatagaya Yahiko shop is also Dokkan. And if you are craving Dokkan, then chances are it is Gamushara that day.

Yes, the shop changes menu depending on the day and time.


Fret not, though, as last year the master opened a stand-alone Dokkan just west of Hattagaya. And now they have opened a stand-alone Yahiko-style shop. While one shop with three facades was fun, three shops is much better.


Just as the original, there are plenty of savory toppings to choose from.


Pretty much the same deal. I'll admit, I am biased towards the original location, probably because Hatagaya is one of my favorite drinking spots in Tokyo, and a trip to Yahiko/Dokkan/Gamushara is often preceded by good times.


The location is great, as well. Right next to beautiful Shinjuku-gyoen park and the Takashima department store. Something for everyone!

I made a video with #TokyExtra. Check it out!


Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Sendagaya 5-29-27
Closest station: Yoyogi

Open 11:00-22:00
Closed Sundays

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Bert said...

Tried this shop tonight and I gotta say I wasn't feeling it. The miso tasted like a saltier version of standard miso soup. Not very balanced or refined. The pork was tough, veggies were unremarkable. I'm so sad they closed Kururi.