Monday, October 27, 2014

富士ラーメン (Fuji in Muroran, Hokkaido)



Muroran is an oft overlooked city in Hokkaido, just south of Sapporo. Formerly a bustling port, it is now one of Japans many cities that are falling by the wayside. But, like many random corners of Japan, Muroran has a history of ramen.


Created in 1965 by the shop Ajinodaio, the curry ramen here reflects the naval connections of the port city. Many ports in Japan boast some sort of curry, as curry was a sailor's staple. And though the curry ramen in Muroran has withstood the test of time, it remained unknown to the rest of Japan until, in 2006, a large PR campaign was launched. The muroran kare ramen no kai, Muroran curry ramen group, set out to educate the country on Hokkaido's 4th ramen (after Sapporo miso, Asahikawa shoyu, and Hakodate shio).


Half real thing and half marketing, this led to too many curry ramen shops. I tried to go to the original, but they had run out of soup for the day. The next closest place to my hotel was Fuji Ramen.


Located in the middle of the red light district (another hobby of sailors worldwide) you'll find a few sushi shops and this curry ramen.

Nothing too special, as expected. Definitely not a bowl that would sell you on an entire style.

In Hokkaido ramenya style, Fuji Ramen serves plenty of other options. You aren't stuck with the curry; shoyu, shio, and miso are all there.


Hokkaido, Muroran-shi, Nakajimacho 1-15-20
Closest station: Muroran

Open 19:00-3:00am
Closed Sundays

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