Thursday, September 25, 2014

三楽 (Sango in Obihiro, Hokkaido)



Welcome to the drunkest ramen shop in Japan.


I arrived at Sango at around 1am. The group of five gangsters lingering outside quickly informed me that "Hey, get in line!" I responded with a simple "Ah, the lines in Obihiro are messed up, just as expected!" Apparently, my joke went over well, and we were buddy-buddy for the next minute or so.

After said minute, a very inebriated gentleman in grey walked out, looked down the street, and yelled at a guy in a garish multi-colored suit. "Hey you sumabitch!". Rainbow suit dude then ran over, uppercut the salaryman, and soccer ball kicked him in the back. The brawl continued, and soon the entire Obihiro police force was present.


Inside, the group of sauced ladies sitting next to me introduced themselves as kyodai. Oh, you all go to Kyoto Daigaku? Of course, kyodai means sisters, and these girls were definitely not Kyoto Dai material. My vocabulary slip made in impression on an older gentlemen sitting next to me, who proceeded to pay for everyone in the shop. I didn't look for the missing pinkie finger, but signs pointed to him being the boss. These are stories that only happen when alcohol is present.


But how was the ramen?

Well, I too was quite tipsy, so it was definitely one of the best bowls of the week. Smooth Hokkaido miso topped with a copious amount of seasoned pork. Just what was needed!

And quite the hangover tisane as well!


Hokkaido, Obihiro-shi, Nishi 2 Jominami 10-1-5
Closest station: Obihiro

Open 19:00-5:00am


Unknown said...

Wow, talk about a "drama in a bowl".

jase8au said...

I enjoyed that read! Thanks.