Monday, August 11, 2014

横浜家 (Yokohamaya in ???)



Some big chain. Maybe it is near a station. We were driving, so I can't be sure. Feel free to do your own research on this one. Searching for 横浜家 on the net brings up a million results, as 横浜家 just means Yokohama Shop.


Can you tell which direction this review is going?


At least I learned a new Japanese phrase. 盛り放題, morihodai, ice cream means you can stack as much on your cone as you want. I should have stuck with the ice cream.


Whoever gets suckered into being the shop master for the day gets their photo put up on the board in the front. Would a different portrait produce a different bowl?


Probably not.


Address: I didn't check. Somewhere on some main road in Kanagawa, maybe.
Hours: Probably 24/7
Nearest station: I dunno
Website: Probably this one.

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KOBAX said...

Probably, this shop is "横濱家東名川崎店".