Tuesday, July 8, 2014

燦燦斗 (Sansanto in Higashi-Jujo)



Sansanto is considered one of the best tonkotsu shoyu bowls in Tokyo. And tough I am very late to the game on this one, I have to agree; this is one of the best bowls in town.


Just a few seconds from Higashi-Jujo, a station that is central enough to be considered convenient, but far enough that there isn't much around. Just a ramen shop and a shopping street that would only appeal to locals.


Homemade noodles. Always a good sign.


Keep in mind, Sansanto is open from 6pm until around 8:30pm. That is only two and a half hours a day. It boggles the mind that a shop this good wouldn't double their service and double their profits, but that is just another aspect of the Tokyo ramen scene that I love.


The small bowl of otsumami that comes with a beer is a preview of things to come. Some of the most tender, flavorful chashu in town. Shockingly good.


The ramen. This is a bowl to hunt out. Definitely in the Top 5 of it's style. Possible in the Top 5 overall bowls in Tokyo. People pointed to Kisso as the champ in the past, but this bowl at Sansanto is my personal winner. A slow-cooked soup, made from pork and chicken, blended with heaps of dried fish. Perfect noodles.

The chashu, previewed with the beer, is as good as it can get.


Tokyo, Kita-ku, Nakajujo 3-16-15
Closest station: Higashi-Jujo

Open 18:00-20:30
Closed Mondays and Thursdays


Unknown said...

It is look really good, and a pork and chicken stock with a bit of fish would be always my favourite!

takcook said...

Brian, I was telling you this was my favorite bowl while I was in Tokyo. That was 2011! I can't believe it took you so long to hit this place up. Glad you did though and glad you dug it as much as I did! I ate there 3 times and it was my last bowl before heading out to Narita and coming home. Same train station as Honda-Honten, just opposite side of the station, right?