Monday, June 23, 2014

つなぎ (Tsunagi in Ebisu)

濃厚背脂拉麺 繋 つなぎ


Tsunagi is fairly new on the scene, exactly one year ago at the time of slurping.


New, but very well regarded. The concept here is thick miso with homemade noodles. And though that is nothing new, Tsunagi drops in a healthy, or unhealthy depending on your views, serving of seabura in the mix. Seabura, pork back fat.


With a slightly sweet blend of six types of miso, this is a flavor-rich bowl.


If you aren't getting enough stimulation from the sweet broth, chewy noodles, and silky back fat, go ahead and add some sansho, Chinese numbing pepper.


Great stuff, and all those toppings (extra pork, egg, extra nori) only cost an extra 200 yen. That's a steal!


Unique bowls like this are gems. While most miso ramen can be expected to taste a certain way, Tsunagi goes for something unique, and really brings it.


Nice work, Takahashi-san!



Official Site Here

Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Ebisu 1-4-1
Closest station: Ebisu

Open 11:00-23:00
Weekends 11:00-22:00