Monday, May 19, 2014

瓢太 (Hyota in Matsuyama)



To recommend or not to recommend a ramen shop is a question I often ask myself. Well, if this was just a bowl of ramen, just some food in any-ville, Japan, I would probably say no.

But I digress. This is an awesome shop.


The overhang outside boasts chukasoba, oden, deep fried skewers, and chicken feet, and lists three kinds of shochu alcohol by name. Not your typical ramen shop.


Sure enough, this is a grimy place that locals come to drink and snack on the cheap.


The non-ramen menu is huge. Tempura, homemade croquettes, kimchi-pork stir-fries. The list goes on. Outside the shop, today's specials featured whale sashimi and a raw horse platter.


Oden in droves. All of it was excellent. Keep in mind that this place is a serious dive. You'll be sandwiched in with the locals, and the amount of cigarette smoke was high.


And the ramen. This ramen is, well, interesting. Very sweet, to the point that it wouldn't stand on its own. After a few plates of oden, and a few glasses of local spirits, though, this bowl works. Almost a desert ramen, if such a thing exists.


By the way, they offer a mini-size bowl. Go for that one.


Put this on your list of Shikoku ramen shops, if you haven't already.


Ehime-ken, Matsuyama-shi, Sanbancho 6-1-10
Closest station: Minamihoribata

Open 11:30-15:00, 17:00-23:00
Closed Sundays

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pofu said...

I am against the whale hunt, but have to say I would be tempted by the whale sashimi if I was there, just to see what it taste like.