Monday, May 12, 2014

ハーフ ムーン クラブ (Half Moon Club at the Hattagaya 1-Coin Festival)

ハーフ ムーン クラブ


Ah, Hatagaya. I love this part of town. I live near, so I guess you could say that this is my local burb. Bars, small izakayas, $5 pizza joints; hanging out in Hatagaya always feels right.

And to add to the general awesomeness of the area, they have a food event every month!


A one coin festival. The concept is simple; about 40 local shops offer a drink and snack for 500 yen. Just grab a map at any of the participating shops (or check the website) and go. You can easily spend the entire day bouncing around, drinking and eating and discovering the town.


Of course, there is a point card as well.

On this day, the Half Moon Club, what I always thought was a normal bar, had ramen on the menu. 500 yen for ramen? Definitely.


What a shop! Model guns and erotic art.


Some sort of theme? Not as far as I can tell.


Well, the ramen wasn't the best in town, but it was certainly a nice buffer between other shops on our 1-coin adventure.


Deep-fried skewers and a beer? 500 yen.


Sparkling rose and a fancy salad? 500 yen.


Not pictured: wagyu skewers, Thai curry, fried chicken, and sashimi.

See you next month!

Tokyo, Shibuya, Hatagaya, 2−8−15
Closest station: Hatagaya

Open 7:00pm - 3:00am
Closed Sundays

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