Monday, April 21, 2014

トタン屋 (Totanya in Matsue)

麺'sダイニング トタン屋


I wish I had better things to say about ramen in Matsue, the capital city of Shimane Prefecture. The town itself is quite lovely. An old samurai city on the banks of lake Shinjiko, you would think the hungry travelers who frequent Matsue would influence some decent noodles.


Pokemon plane!


Anyways, I was drawn here by the name alone. 麺'sダイニング - Men's Dining. The signature dish, Totan Ramen, was a "light tonkotosu" that was more like garlic-oil flavored water.

Stay tuned, the bad-ramen-in-Matsue commentary continues!


Shimane-len, Matsue-shi, Wadamicho 80
Closest station: Matsue

Open 18:00-3:00am