Monday, April 14, 2014

炭家 (Sumiya in Nakano)

花田流焼肉 炭家


I have heard that there are around 9000 places to eat ramen in Tokyo. This is, of course, counting everywhere ramen is served. Chain ramen shops, family restaurants (i.e. Denny's), Chinese dives, and in this case, Korean barbecue. Usually these outlying ramen shops don't make it to Ramen Adventures, because, well, they tend to suck.


Sumiya, a nondescript Korean barbecue place a few stops out of Shinjuku, proved me wrong.

The word 〆 (shime) can be added to the front of a menu item to indicate that it is something to be eaten after the rest of the food. In this case, the shimenoramen in question is an insanely kodawari bowl made with freshwater clams from Lake Jusanko in Aomori, breaking all stereotypes that non-ramen-shop ramen is bad.

Usually reserved for high end bowls of miso soup, these are some of the best of the best in Japan. Add to that noodles from Shimane Prefecture, and a simple Japanese broth made from high quality konbu and katsuo, and this was the ultimate shime after some fatty cuts of prime beef.


Apologies for forgetting to take shots of the meat. We were filming for an upcoming episode of オスカルX21! and I didn't have time to get the camera out. On air May 9th!


Wow, I was shocked by this bowl. Most of the time, shime ramen just means that you dump noodles into a pot of whatever was eaten before. Usually leftover soup in a hot pot type of dish. Most of the time, shime ramen is just a delivery method to get some post-meat carbs.


Shockingly good. The shop's meat specialty is a cut of A5 wagyu with garlic butter. This simple bowl was an excellent refresher.


The master was happy to show off the konbu, from the far reaches of Hokkaido, bought at tsukiji fish market.


With only enough seating for about 10 people, you might want to call ahead.


Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Numabukuro 4-32-6
Closest station: Numabukuro

Open 6:00pm until late
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays


Melonbear said...

For these kind of places, will it be possible to just drop in and have a bowl or likely that you will be ordering other stuff?

Ramen Adventures said...

Other stuff first.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This is one of my favorite place to eat Ramen. I love most of the food in Sumiya.
Sumiya does choose Non Additive food and the owner always consider to serve healthy food. Shijimi Rame is Great, I also love Shizen Ramen and Shin Ramen, especially after Yakiniku!
It is about 20 mins from Takadanobaba to Sumiya in Nubabukuro. You should try other ramen as well :) I heard they only open when they have reservation. I suggest to call them before you go.