Thursday, April 10, 2014

ソラノイロ Salt & Mushroom (Soranoiro Salt and Mushroom in Kojimachi)

ソラノイロ Salt and Mushroom


The 2nd official shop of long-time favorite Soranoiro continues along the same lines as the original. A few solid standards and some unique bowls as well.


Mushrooms are a theme, both in the decor and the bowls.


The chef's station is chock full of bits and pieces. To be specific, the regular menu offers a niboshi shoyu, a shio, a mushroom veggie soba, and a niku soba. That is just the regular menu. Expect limited bowls to be a normal thing.


The bowl of standard shio was, without a doubt, great. I'm, in general, not a huge shio fan, so I'm sure the rest of the menu will impress as well.


For an extra 150 yen, the shop has a fresh fruit smoothie. It was . . . healthy?


Bonus! I managed to go there again before posting.


The mushroom veggie-soba is on the crazy side. In the bowl - tofu, fried cheese, parma ham, chicken chashu, all in a cream of mushroom soup. Interesting. I prefer the original shop's veggie offering, but this one will do, especially if you are a mushroom fan.

Just about two minutes from the original shop.


Expect a couple more visits in the near future.


Tokyo, Chioda-ku, Kojimachi 3-4-3
Closest Station: Kojimachi

Open 11:00-15:00, 19:00-22:30
Saturday 11:00-15:30
Closed Sundays

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