Monday, March 24, 2014

屋台 (Yatai at the Fukuoka Airport)

とんこつラーメン屋台 福岡空港


Airport ramen is almost always a miss. But what about at Fukuoka Airport. Fukuoka, the mecca of stinky tonkotsu ramen!


With the worst snowstorm in decades hitting Tokyo, we had some time before our flight. Three hour delays to be exact.


Kanpais were in order.


And a bit of the stinky stuff.


Hey, not bad!


Get the set, and dump the spicy roe and rice in your left over soup.

Look, this wasn't the best bowl out there, and it would certainly fail in any comparison to the yatai of Fukuoka, but in a pinch it was a memorable meal. Coupled with a few nama beers, and waiting for the snow to pass was no problem.


福岡県福岡市博多区下臼井767-1 福岡空港第2ターミナルビル3F
Fukuoka Airport Terminal 2

Open 10:00-20:20

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