Monday, March 17, 2014

うえだ (Ueda in Shiki)

麺家 うえだ


I waited in line at a ramen event years ago to sample Ueda's ramen. After over three hours, with non-ramen obligations on my schedule, I left, vowing to someday make it out to the regular shop in Shiki. As luck would have it, the TV shooting on this day would take us there.


Ms. Ueda is a bit of a draw. She has been likened to the kindly, yet stern Yubaba from Spirited Away, the magical Ghibili movie from 2001.

Tough as nails, it is fitting that this bowl gets the treatment it does.


The burning is a two part process. First, the shoyu tare is fried up in the bowls. Tare is the essence of ramen's flavor, so you can imagine how burning it to a crisp would make this an intense bowl. Second, the broth is added with a bit more oil than average on top. Again, you are witness to an intense pyrotechnics show.


The result is flavorful, deep, and smoky. Also, burning oil is hot. Take care!

Shiki isn't far from Tokyo proper; just about 20 minutes from Ikebukuro. Ramen fans could easily have a day of ramen hunting up this way. Kawagoe is also nearby, with plenty of great shops like Ganja.


Official Site Here

Saitama-ken, Niza-shi, Tohoku 2-12-7
Closest station: Shiki

Open 11:00-16:30
Closed Mondays

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