Monday, March 3, 2014

天外天 (Tengaiten in Kumamoto)

天外天 本店


Despite all of the shops I wanted to visit being closed (who closes their shop at 8pm on a Saturday night!), Tendaiten looked like a winner.


For me, Kumamoto ramen is all about the balance of garlic. It is a battle between the creamy tonkotsu soup and the pungent nature of the stinking rose. Tengaiten delivers with sliced raw garlic marinated in a homemade soy dressing.


If the impact isn't enough, add some more tare. Nice touch!


This was the bowl for me. Every bite kicked you in the face, then let you savor the essence of pork.


This chashu is off the hook. I'm guessing that is a theme with Kumamoto ramen. Tokyo take note! Use more garlic when making your pork!


I wish I could live in some of these cities for a couple months. But, alas, Sunday comes and my flight is booked back to Tokyo.


Kumamoto-ken, Kumamoto-shi, Chu-ku, Anseimachi 2-15
Closest station: Suidocho

Open 19:00-4:00am
Closed Mondays

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