Thursday, March 20, 2014

宝来軒 (Horaiken in Nagasaki)



Exactly one year ago, I was randomly lucky enough to have work during Nagasaki's annual lantern festival. I also learned that you should avoid the restaurants and go for street food. It seems like everyone and their obasans make their way to Nagasaki for this event. Expect a wait!


This year was a repeat of last, with a little less free time. Just enough time for my staff and I to gab dinner before heading to nearby Saga Prefecture.


I recommended Kosanro for their excellent champon, but we were told that during the event, only $50 courses were on offer. That, and an hour wait.

It might surprise you, but the average Japanese person despises long lines for food just as much as the average American. I made a vow years ago to keep my elitist foodie opinions to myself, and accepted that we were now going to the only place in Nagasaki without a line.


This is in the heart of Nagasaki's Chinatown. Being a San Francisco native, I can tell you one piece of advice; don't eat at empty Chinese restaurants!

But like I said, when I'm with a group of coworkers, I keep the opinions to myself.


Just smile politely, drink a lot of beer, and eat.


But this is Ramen Adventures, so I can be frank. Just accept your fate and wait for the good stuff. Otherwise, this will happen. Horaiken was garbage, and probably survives simply on the fact that it is next door to Kosanro, an excellent spot that always has a wait.

Good business model!


Nagasaki-ken, Nagasaki-shi, Shinchimachi 13-15
Closest station: Nishihamanomachi

Open 11:00-16:00, 17:00-21:00

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