Monday, February 24, 2014

とん太 (Tonta in Oita)



Ramen in Oita?!?! Not really. But with Hakata just a few hours drive away, there is bound to be something pork-heavy to eat.


The taxi driver, a sweet old lady of 75, was raving about the new shop that had just opened near the station. It turned out to be a chain shop. Never judging a book by it's cover, I tried Tonta with an open mind.


Hey, not bad. The soup was rich and creamy. Other aspects of the bowl, like the noodles and toppings, fell flat. Chain-style.


I found out later that there are quite a few of these Tontas, many of them around the Tokyo area. Even a few at highway service areas.


If I had eaten this at a highway service area, I would probably say this was the best highway service area ramen I've had.



Official Site Here

Oita-ken, Oita-shi, Omichimachi 1-2200-1
Closest station: Oita

Open 11:00-2:00am

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