Monday, January 6, 2014

えびそば一幻 (Ichigen at the Sapporo Airport)



One bowl at the New Chitose Airport "Ramen Dojo" wasn't enough! The line for Ichigen had shrunk a bit, and I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Why is a shrimp and pork soup ramen the most popular at a Hokkaido ramen street?


No idea. You'll need to choose either the original, shrimp-only soup, or a blend with pork. Also, let them know if you want thick or thin noodles.


Too many decisions for this boring bowl. And to add insult to injury, the shop did away with half-size bowls due to their consistent flow of customers. This isn't a shop designed for ramen lovers, it is a place for people who need food before their flight. That is all I came away with. The long line was probably there because the long line was there, if you catch my drift.


There are a few shrimp ramen spots in Tokyo that blow this one away. Gonokamiseisakujo for sure over this.


Turns out they have their Sapporo main shop, this airport branch, and a new one in Shinjuku. Figures.

One year ago I bought a make-at-home gift pack that included an Ichigen bowl. I thought the instant, factory-made, chemically-seasoned bowl was on par with the actual shop.

Again, apologies to anyone who calls Hokkaido home. I'll be back in January, and welcome any recommendations that might change my mind.


Official Site Here

Open from something like 10am to 10pm

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