Monday, January 27, 2014

El Dorado in Fussa



The Jiraigan Syndicate produced one of my favorite ramen shops, Saikoro in Nakano. But the brains behind the business lives out near Fussa, about an hour from central Tokyo. Using his success in the more central branches, he recently opened a shop closer to home.


The finest noodles!

I was out here for a random, non-ramen related adventure, and stopping by El Dorado on the way home was no problem.


Homemade noodles are a standard at anything with the Jiraigen stamp on it.


As is simplicity. The menu is shio or shoyu. With an egg or without. Extra pork on request.


Fantastic, as expected. Always go for extra pork at a Jiraigen shop.


This one is much lighter than the other shops, without that heavy niboshi kick that I really like at Saikoro. But lacking the kick is no problem, and every customer in the shop crushed this bowl completely.


This shop is mere minutes from Yokotoa Air Base, so if any of my viewers are military men or women, check it out! I can't be sure, but it is probably better than the ramen on base!


Tokyo, Fussa-shi, Fussa 867-7
Closest station: Fussa

Open 12:00-2:30, there is a night menu but I can't find the hours