Thursday, December 12, 2013

第一旭 (Daiichi Asahi in Kyoto)



Step outside Kyoto Station, turn right on Shiokoji Dori, and walk until you smell the ramen.


The basic bowl of chukasoba at Daiichi Asahi comes with mounds of tasty chashu and a sprinkling of green onions. Nothing shocking, just a classic bowl. Over 50 years of history here, and the customer base shows it. Old-timers enjoying what they know and love sitting next to tourists like me, waiting for our bullet train back to Tokyo.


I guess my 3pm bowl was eaten at magic hour. Just an hour later, at 4:00, there was a line of 15 people outside. 15 smart people.


Kyoto continues to surprise me the more I visit. I spent less than two hours there, just enough time to crush a couple bowls and buy a new jacket, and spent the rest of my bullet train home in a blissful ramen-induced food coma.

Even though I didn't see one temple or world heritage site, it was a great day.


Go for the smaller ミニラーメン at 550 yen if you plan to have another bowl next door!


Official Site Here


京都府京都市下京区高倉通り塩小路下ル 東塩小路向畑町845
Kyoto, Kyoto-shi, Higashishiokojimachimukaihatacho 845
Closest station: Kyoto

Open 5:30am-2:00am
Closed Thursdays

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Akira said...

Hello! Thank you for the nice pictures and your comments.
They look so good and interesting.
So could you please add the tag of each prefecture to your article if possible?
I would like to read the article about the ramen shop you recommend near my town.
I live in a city far from Tokyo, but I would like to go to the ramen shop you recommend.
I very much appreciate it if you could consider it.
Have a good ramen tour!