Thursday, November 28, 2013

柳明館 (Ryumeikan in Urawa)



Route 17 stretches north, from Tokyo all the way up to Niigata.

National Route 17 shield

Historically an important route, it is now a traffic-packed 8-lane road that lets you know loud and clear that you probably should have spent the extra yen for the expressway.


But the slew of 2-ton trucks need places to stop, and hearty ramen is a popular option. The crowds here aren't drawn bu subtle kodawari taste, but by variety and calories.


Ryumeikan serves a dozen or so different bowls. The most popular?


Stamina ramen. I prefer the Ibaraki-style of stamina ramen, with liver and pumpkin being the stamina ingredients of choice. Here, in more of a Saitama-fashion, that extra boost of energy is coming from garlic, nira (garlic chives), more garlic, and some sliced chicken.

A piping hot bowl that will leave you reeking afterwords.


The miso ramen topped with spicy onion is another popular menu item.


Plenty of seats, even if one is reserved exclusively for the use of the Japanese national women's soccer team. Ganbatte Nadeshiko Japan!


Official Site Here

Saitama-ken, Toda-shi, Bijoji 7-1-4
Closest station: Nishi-Urawa

Open 11:00-24:00

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