Thursday, August 29, 2013

ローリング蕎麦ット (Rolling Sobat in Shibuya)



Who put soba in my tsukemen? Who put tsukemen in my soba?


Rolling Sobat makes very little sense, both culinary and visually, but we like that. The atmosphere is inspired by the long history of pro wrestling in Japan. Masked fighters battling in their own signature style. The Rolling Sobat is an actual move; a jumping, spinning back kick meant to send an opponent to the floor.


You see what they did? The move is written as ローリングソバット (roringu sobatto). Substitute 蕎麦, the kanji for the noodles, and you have a fun little play on words.


Anyways, they serve soba. Traditional buckwheat soba.


Soba has a long history in Japan, predating ramen by centuries. The buckwheat noodles are served almost exclusively with a simple dashi; a broth made from konbu kelp and dried bonito fish flakes. Topping are minimal, though mountain vegetables or maybe some tempura are commonly seen as additions.


Rolling Sobat, on the other hand, makes a meaty pork broth. Everything about this bowl screams Tokyo tsukemen; everything but the noodles. And it works. You miss out on the bite, that chewy texture that you can only get from wheat noodles made with kansui alkaline water.


Conveniently located in Shibuya (across from one of the best Japanese micro-brew bars Goodbeer Faucets). Definitely check this one out when you are in the mood for something a little different.


Facebook page here.

Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Enyamacho 1-19
Closest station: Shibuya

Open 11:00-Midnight


pudgym29 said...

Ooooffff. Sorry to learn of your motorcycle accident. Did you read about my mechanical breakdown in Harrisburg, PA. returning from the American Homebrewers' Assoc.'s National Homebrew Conference in Philadelphia? It was almost as harrowing, although it happened in a 'good' place; and more importantly, my cargo was not damaged.
But anyhow, Rolling Sobat goes on the short list of ramen shops to hit the next time I get to Tokyo | Yokohama. Because I know I will get to Goodbeer Faucets. !=))

pudgym29 said...

I seldom comment about advertising, but in North America - or Chicago, U.S.A. at the least, Budweiser is sponsoring your page's views. Oh, I don't mind.
Ask it to plug in an advert for a Goose Island craftbeer. !=))

Ramen Adventures said...

Budweiser! I would gladly accept sponsorship from a craft brewer!