Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ramen Adventures TV Spot! - 知っとこ


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Satomi Shigemori's character is cute and clueless. A well-known idol / talent / bikini model, if you watch TV with any regularity in Japan you should see her face pop up. As always, we took her around to some ramen shops. This time was a double dose of ramen-loving foreigners, with Abram and I hitting up both Fuunji and Gamushara.

TBS Ramen.mp4_snapshot_00.33_[2013.06.14_18.47.18].jpg

Why these two shops? They are both walking distance to our apartments, and they are both legit. That's why!

TBS Ramen.mp4_snapshot_07.08_[2013.06.14_18.49.13].jpg

Our best 3?

  • Matador for the beef based ramen
  • Kikanbo for their spice
  • Fuunji for the creamy chicken gyokai tsukemen.

Fun shoot, and I got recognized the day after it aired by the bar I was drinking at. Why the late-night crowd was up at 7am watching TV, I have no idea.

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Al said...

Just went to Matador last week. Fantastic! Coming soon to Takadanobaba...