Sunday, August 11, 2013

俺のラーメンあっぱれ (Ore no Ramen Appare in Kyoto)



This is perhaps the most lauded shop in the Kyoto area among ramen fans.


I'm sure they will be on the 2013 winner's list as well.


Going to Ore No Ramen Appare (roughly translated to my ramen is awesome) is an ordeal. Driving from Kyoto (no, you won't be taking any trains or buses here) was 40km of traffic on a hot summer day. Thirty minutes before they opened, there were 25 people in line. Significant. By the way, Ore No Ramen is only open for about three hours a day.


And yeah, it is worth it. The golden soup, touched with just a little gyokai, makes up for any previous discomfort. If you like your creamy soups, Ore No Ramen is a top five, easy.


While the bulk of the early line-uppers ordered the 20-a-day tsukemen, the chashu looked irresistible. Seven slices of rare pork, seasoned with just enough pepper to give a bit of a kick. The presentation alone had everyone snapping photos before digging in.


If I lived out here, this would be a monthly excursion. It turns out that the route I drove, the most direct from Kyoto City to the shop, was a bad choice. Going back along the river, up to lake Biwa was both beautiful and fast.




Official Site Here

Kyōto-fu, Jōyō-shi, Nashima, Shimonokōji 11-34
Closest station: None

Open 11:30-14:30
Closed Sundays and some Saturdays


VivaJapanesque said...

I have a plan going to Kyoto to eat something tasty foods. Of course, ramen, too.
It looks so tasty.Let me take your blog as reference :)

AL said...

Isn't it dangerous to eat pork rare?
Thank you for your time!