Wednesday, August 7, 2013

みよし (Miyoshi in Kyoto)

博多長浜らーめん みよし


This trip to Kyoto was spurred by an old friend. An old friend who loves ramen. An old friend who had a short-term apartment right in the middle of the city.


I'm talking about Ramenate, perhaps my favorite ramen blogger on the net. And this ramen shop, Miyoshi, is where Nate first ate and found his love for the noodle.

Tokyo folks might know Botan, another shop boasting the Hakata Nagahama - 博多長浜 - name. This is stinky, cheap eats that commands a crowd until 6am everyday. What else are you going to eat after drinking yourself out of wallet in this part of town? Kyoto ain't cheap!


Ramen like this might be the perfect starting point for someone who hasn't been hooked yet. So cheap, so good, this is an everyman's ramen. Feel-good noodles.

The openness of the shop is a huge draw as well. Just stumble in off the street and dig in.


I ate here twice in the five days I was in Kyoto.


京都府京都市中京区石屋町115 辻田ビル1F
Kyoto, Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Ishiyacho 115
Closest station: Sanjo

Open 11:00-6:00am

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