Tuesday, August 27, 2013

とみ田と病院 (Convenience Store Tsukemen in the Hospital)

So, this happened.

The ramen adventure here is overshadowed, eclipsed more like it, by the reason for my hospitalization.

Driving home by motorcycle on Honandori, just past famous the famous ramen shop Eifukucho Taishoken, I was cut off and hit by a black car. Hit and run. It was a low speed crash, but the bike fell on me just right. Just enough to transfer all the energy of the impact into the fibula and tibia bones of my leg.

The above CT scan illustrates my point.


The first couple of days after the accident were spent in traction. Immobile, except for my right arm. Luckily, all I need to eat ramen is my right arm!


Tomita is one of the highest ranked tsukemen shops in Japan. The shop has a perpetual line; often over an hour. Well, if you don't want to wait, or make the trek out to Chiba, you can pick up a limited edition, ready-to-eat bowl at your local 7-11.


This isn't instant by any means. The noodles are cooked, and the toppings are real. Even the tiny slivers of yuzu peel are fresh.

Yes, the whole deal has a bit of a factory-made feel to it, and this pales in comparison to the original. But the fact that someone, pent up in a hospital, can enjoy a real bowl of tsukemen with ease is a testament to ramen culture in Japan.

By the way, Tomita will once again be at this year's Grand Tsukemen Fest from October 17th. They are the defending champ of the all-tsukemen festival, so expect a line.


Abram, Hiroshi, and Kei delivered this tasty treat. Big thanks to all my ramen fans who came through during visiting hours. You guys don't know how monotonous the hospital stay was, and I am grateful for your visits.


I'm now at my apartment recovering. The surgery went very well, and there was almost no pain about 12 hours after. Modern science is amazing. I can't put weight on it for about another month, but this is just how it goes. Wheelchairs and leg braces are my reality for a while.  That's another way of saying that Ramen Adventures will be taking a bit of a break (pun totally intended!) for a bit. I have a couple reviews queued up, but my streak of a new review every two days has officially ended.

Thank you for understanding.


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Was just wondering why no updates in a bit, glad you are okay.

Get well soon.

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Get well soon!

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Get well soon!

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I'm glad you're ok and I hope you continue to have a good recovery.

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Glad that your getting better and having you Ramen fix.

Take care and get well soon.

Best wishes to you on your recovery.

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Get well soon.