Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ヨシベー (Yoshibe in Yachio)

ラーメン ヨシベー 


I teach kid's English classes in some remote places. Remote is a vague word though. Let's consider a 20 minute bus ride from the nearest rapid train to be remote.


You probably won't make it out here. The neighbors around Yoshibe were a home center, a McDonalds, and a rice paddy.


And though the ramen wasn't the best, it was much better than the average for a spot like this. A spot with a parking lot and seating for 40.


Their concept is a relaxing vibe. Signs and relics from decades ago, and light jazz music on the stereo. Definitely a place you could relax with the family a few times a month.

Two kinds of ramen; a stronger pork soup, and a lighter fish soup.


Official Site Here

Chiba, Yachio-shi, Owadashinden 138-74
Closest station: Yachio-Midorigaoka (plus a bus ride)

Open 11:00-23:00

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