Tuesday, July 2, 2013

凪Noodle Bar in Shinjuku

凪Noodle Bar


Now open! Nagi Noodle Bar in Shinjuku. You can go there right now, this is a 24/7 spot right in the middle of Kabukicho. That's not a suggestion, that's an order!


Location? Between the schoolgirl-themed kyabakura spot . . .


. . . and that famous wall of host club advertisements. This is prime real estate in Tokyo's red light district.


They really brought it with this one. On par with their other late-night branch, the one on Golden Gai, with the added benefit of having many more seats. Also has a much larger menu, and instead of waiting in a scary alley, you get to hang out on one of the liveliest corners in town.


That's Ikuta-san on the right there. Mr. Nagi himself. Coming to a city in your part of the world soon.

And Miyazaki from Soranoiro on the left. What are these two rivals doing canoodling together?


Coming soon, a regular menu collaboration between these two ramen move-makers. Niboshi x vegisoba. Awesome. This bowl is going to be crazy popular. If that niboshi ramen is too much for the pretty ladies working upstairs, this one is the perfect solution. Everyone wins. That can't be said about most shops in Kabukicho. Sorry, no more about this den of evil from me!


As always with the niboshi-based branches of Nagi, the massive chashu slice is a perfect match for the fishy soup.


Simmering 24/7.


If you've been to the other Kabukucho spot, the one on Golden Gai, you have an idea of the taste. Not quite as intense, though Nagi Noodle Bar still has a massive punch of flavor. Sold out on this opening day was the トンテキラーメン, the regular bowl topped with a massive pork steak.


Official Site Here

Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 1-9-6
Closest station: Shinjuku

Open 24/7/365

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