Thursday, June 20, 2013

やぶれかぶれ (Yaburekabure in Maebara, Chiba)

らーめん房 やぶれかぶれ


Very far from central Tokyo, the location of Yaburekabure is a big strike against it. But strike one doesn't matter when the next hit is a grand slam to win the series. Yaburekabure is that good.


Another non-Rokuruinsha-style tsukemen that really stands out. The soup is accented with strips of roasted negi, adding a bit of sweet and bit of a kick to the deep shoyu soup. Unlike other tsukemen shops, you are given the weak owari broth ahead of time, and encouraged to mix a little in at the beginning.


I was told that, though the tsukemen is the most popular menu item, everything is good. This advice came from the owner, so I might just have to go back and see if he's right.


By the way, yaburekabure means desperation, and is the title of an 80's manga comic. The relationship with this shop is unknown.


Chiba-ken, Funabashi-shi, Maebaranishi 8-3-2
Closest station: Maebara

Open 11:30-14:00, 18:30-24:00
Closed Sundays


Steven said...

Recently a regular follower after seeing you on a few TV spots... on my list is the location in Shinjuku Golden Gai thanks to your blog. Added a link to


Ramen Adventures said...

Thank you. By the way, Nagi opened a new shop in Kabukicho that might be better than the Golden Gai one. I will post about in soon.