Wednesday, June 26, 2013

なないろ (Nanairo in Takayama, Gifu)



The problem with Takayama is a big one. Everything closes at 9pm. The place is a ghost town at night!


So of course the ramen shop that had been recommended was closed. The next option was the only option. Nanairo is open late. Well . . . later.


My first foray into Takaya Ramen was a miss. Noodles tasted like instant, the soup was forgettable, and the menma was dry.


But the 1000 yen plate of fried rice topped with local Hida-beef was fantastic. My coworkers scoffed at my suggestion of a proper Hida-gyu dinner, which usually runs about $50-$100 a person for a decent steak, so this would have to do. And it did.


I quickly changed my train ticket home to give me enough time to eat some proper ramen the next day.


Gifu-ken, Takayama-shi, Tenmanmachi 6-9
Closest station: Takayama

Maybe open until midnight

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