Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ramen Riders! 門前の湯ホテル



A beautiful spring day! The perfect day for a ride.

twisty 1.jpg

We set out, about 10 of us, to travel from coast to coast. Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Japan without touching an expressway. Twenty four mountain passes was the goal. It was epic.


This annual ride always ends at the Monzen Hotel in Niigata. Less than 5000 yen for a night, plus a hot spring and restaurant. These kinds of places are commonplace in Japan, and simply searching for "Business Hotel" instead of your standard Hiltons and Hyatts can save you a fortune on your travels.


What's this? Homemade shoyu ramen? While I was content on fried octopus and beer, I couldn't pass this one up. An inquiry revealed that the soup is made in house.


What followed was shocking. The soup? Perhaps homemade, but it tasted like something out of a can of concentrate that had been diluted too much. And that wasn't even the worst part!


Noodles shouldn't do this. A massive brick of noodles, some mushy, some barely cooked.

The Ride

The ride? I just joined the Day 1, while my friends went off to see other parts of Japan. Looks fun, sorry I couldn't go.

Twistybutt is named after the Iron Butt, an internationally recognized ride of 1000 miles in one day.


That's 1600km for you people on the other system of measurement.

I did an Iron Butt ride once. Never again.


Very few photos from this day of riding. The coast to coast ride goes from 4am until about 9pm, with very few chances to stop and take photos.

Stay tuned for the return trip!


Ummmmm . . .

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The address and hours are irrelevant. Please don't go here for ramen!


InazumaJohnny said...

You have a nice bike!
how about coming to Mt.ASO?

Ramen Adventures said...

I love Mt. Aso! I will go there in July (for work)