Friday, May 3, 2013

なご家 (Nagoya at Nagoya Station's Noodle Road)



The name of this shop, located in Nagoya Station's Noodle Road, is irrelevant. All of the shops here were made specifically to mimic a local style of Japan. There is one shop, name irrelevant, that serves up Tokyo style ramen. Another shop for Sapporo. Some five areas of Japan or represented. And if the Nagoya style section is any indicator, they all do a poor job.


At Tokyo Station, the Tokyo Ramen Street is an excellent example of how to make a "ramen street". Nagoya's version? Not so much.

I only had 15 minutes before my bullet train back to Tokyo.


The Nagoaya Cochin chicken bowl looked like the one to order.


Just another boring shio ramen. Yaaaaawn.


Official Site Here

No map. It is in the massive Nagoya Station. Open from 11 to 11.

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