Sunday, May 5, 2013

鬼金棒 (Kikanbo's New 2nd Shop)

カラシビつけ麺 鬼金棒


Kikanbo has a new second shop.

What about the other second shop, the one that only served tsukemen? Well that one closed to make way for a much, much larger shop, just two doors down.

This 2nd shop now serves the ramen, and the 1st shop serves tsukemen. Check out a video I made!


The new shop keeps with the decor. Devil masks from all the corners of Japan.


And various kikanbos.


You haven't been to this shop yet?


Kikanbo's deal is that you choose how much of the different spice blends you want, from just-a-pinch to massive pile. For an extra 100 yen, there is even 鬼増し, a devil's double of heat.

Kikanbo's other deal is that it is a must-eat bowl in Tokyo.


シビ鬼増し is not recommended for the faint of heart. Especially not for the poor TV announcer I was shooting with this day. But she insisted on both ordering the same thing.


In retrospect, I should probably tell everyone to just get futsu/futsu, a regular, safe-yet-in-your-face helping of this shop's excellent spice blends.

This tsukemen shop, along with the original ramen shop, is one of the best places for noodles in Japan. There is so much going on in the bowl, and every little aspect is on another level. Decadent pork, perfect eggs, and a miso blend that is unlike anything else.

A must-hit shop.


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Tokyo, Chioda-ku, Kajicho 2-10-9
Closest station: Kanda

Open 11:00-21:30
Sundays 11:00-16:00