Saturday, May 4, 2013

『 』 in Kanda

『 』(無銘)


The name of this shop is actually 『          』, as in nonexistent. But you can't really write a blank space, can you? 無銘, mumei, means no name.


『                          』


I completely forgot who recommended this one, but thank you. A very unique bowl.

The base soup is a creamy chicken deal with almost no punch. Just a light shio tare is all that gives it any flavor. Normally, this is a bad thing. But at 『      』, this is the draw. Actually, the base soup is quite nice. A refreshing, healthy tasting slurp that is good once or twice.

Then comes that ball in the middle.


It looks a bit like miso, but it is not. This it what changes this bowl from a standard らーめん (ramen) into 熟成練り醤油らーめん (jukusei neri shoyu ramen). A fermented ball of shoyu kneaded with all sorts of fish powders and spices.

I've never seen this combination of characters before. 熟成 is often seen next to aged meats, vinegars, and some ripe cheeses. Things that taste really, really good.

There's that kick I was craving.


Mix it in for a totally transformed bowl. Salt to soy. Weak to strong. Simple to complex.


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Tokyo, Chioda-ku, Kandahigashimatsushitacho 49
Closest staiton: Kanda

Open 11:00-22:00
Closed Sundays

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