Monday, May 13, 2013

富士芝桜祭り (Fujizakura Pork Ramen)



Festivals in Japan are a mainstay.

Limited festival ramen is nothing new.


If you don't mind the glaring HDR photos, this annual flower festival on the west side of Mt. Fuji is quite nice. The flowers were only at 33% on this day, but it was still striking.


Local Yamanashi food aplenty.


Including ramen.


This, folks, is Fuji Zakura Pork. This cured pig is well known for the smokey, salty taste, and hunks of it can be quite pricey.


Which is perhaps why this bowl only came with two razor thin strips. Very delicious pork. The pork was made even more delicious by the bland soup and noodles.

Yeah, so this bowl served only to highlight the amazing slices of chashu.


Pretty flowers, though.


Official Site of the Event


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