Friday, April 5, 2013

豚とろ (Tontoro in Kagoshima)



Tontoro was recommended by the nice fellow at Kagoshima's red light district 7-11. He sang their praises  The pork was, apparently, amazing.


Like most ramen shops in Kagoshima, they had a cheap option. For only 450 yen, you can have a mini bowl of their signature tonkotsu ramen. They also had the obligatory counter-top daikon pickles and tea.


Another disappointment. The chashu, an obvious draw, was almost pure fat. In the pork's defense, it was silky smooth fat, but 90% fat nonetheless.


I was also accosted by a very drunk dude who called me a lady for not ordering the big size. Bro, I just ate a bowl at another place five minutes before! And that was after a full-sized dinner with my coworkers! Then he tried to lift up my shirt to look for my breasts.


Yeah, that happened in Kagoshima.

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Kagoshima-ken, Kagoshima-shi, Yamanokuchicho 9-41
Closest station: Not too far from Kagoshima station, closer to Takamibaba

Open 11:00-3:30am

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