Wednesday, April 3, 2013

のり一 (Noriichi in Kagoshima)



The last road trip of the season (my other job is as a children's event performer) was to the southern tip of Kyushu; Kagoshima.


Kagoshima is well known for it's Berkshire Pork, kurobuta. I really recommend checking out one of the many kurobuta shabushabu shops in town.


Kagoshima's other famous product is imoshochu, a potent liquor made from potatoes. After a bottle of the stuff, I went ramen hunting.


Ok, so Kagoshima ramen always comes with hot tea and daikon pickles.


This was a boring bowl. The soup had a slight onion kick, but was otherwise just hot liquid. The pork was barely edible. The noodles were alright.

At just 400 yen, I could see why there was a crowd at 1am. This is post-drinking food, and I was in the drinkiest part of town.

So if that were the case, stumbling-home-drunk-and-hungry food, then I guess this one works.


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Kagoshima-ken, Kagoshima-shi, Yamanokuchicho 9-3
Closest station: Not far from Kagoshima station, closer to Takamibaba

Open 11:30-3:00am
Closed Sundays