Wednesday, April 17, 2013

篝 (Kagari in Ginza)


I need to make a new best-of. Kagari needs to be on people's hit list.


Only a few weeks old, this shop looks more like a pricey sushi bar than a ramen joint. The nondescript back-alley can barely contain the line, which draws stares from the passersby, most on their way to buy a new LV handbag or Jimmy Choos.


The seasonal vegetable topping is a necessary addition to the silky rich tori paitan. Creamy and refined, this shop is at home among the high end upper crust that is Ginza.


The niboshi ramen and tsukemen are highly praised as well.

Bonus! I shot a TV show with AKB48 member Rena Nozawa here. Check it out!


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Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza 4-4-1
Closest station: Ginza

Open 11:00-15:30, 17:00-22:30
Saturday until 21:00
Closed Sundays


キュウ said...


Steve said...

Brian, an article in this week's Chicago Reader about Brendan Sodikoff's impending ramen shack here mentioned Jeff Pikus will be creating the recipes.
It also let on that you led him through a 10-day ramen tour (of Tokyo and Kyoto in January).
Can you please mention (| link) to which shacks you led him?

Ramen Adventures said...

Yes, I did a food tour with them. It was a fairly standard introduction, so as to cover a broad range of shops. Kikanbo (their favorite), Shono, Kururi, Nagi, everything at the Tokyo ramen street, and Soranoiro are a few that I remember.

keithybloodygeorge said...

Hey Brian, I've been in Tokyo for the last 10 days and just want to say how great your blog is for a ramen obsessed Aussie like myself! It's made tracking down good ramen so easy wherever we've been trekking about. I had the spicy tsukemen here yesterday and I've got to say it was probably the best I've had including a couple of bowls in Hiroshima. Not high on the spice level and just unbelievably rich and complex in taste. Dying to go back for a bowl of straight ramen now!! Anyway, I may throw a few comments up elsewhere but just wanted to say thanks and keep it up! No ramen, no life ;)

Steve said...

The article has escaped from behind the Reader paywall, so here it is.