Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chinese Noodles at the Chiang Mai Women's Prison



You can find ramen in the strangest places.


Anyone with a guidebook in Chiang Mai knows about this place. The inmates are given life skills training, namely in traditional Thai massage.


The place is popular, and an hour wait is common.


Chinese noodles! Is it ramen? Who really cares, at only 45 baht this is a no-brainer.


Ramen . . . sort of. I'm fairly certain they didn't make a tare. And I'm pretty sure the noodles aren't made with any sort of Chinese recipe in mind. But this bowl of simple shio ramen was actually pretty great.


A bit of tang, and a bit of a Thai touch. Ground peanuts for some reason.


Excellent massage, by the way.

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