Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bia Bia in Koenji

Bia Bia


Bia Bia created a lot of buzz when it first opened. Masoud-san, an Iranian, is one of only a few non-Asian foreigners to open shop in Tokyo. After training at Ivan Ramen for a few years, he went out and did his own thing at this beautiful shop in the Koenji part of town.


The shop is very stylish.


Unfortunately, that is the only real praise I can give.


The ramen is basically an Ivan clone, down to the roast tomato option. After browsing the internet review sites and talking with fellow ramen freaks, this is the best part. It is unfortunate. The soup was just weak. No punch, no umami.


Most people will opt for the special, an Iran-inspired bowl. Special indeed, this bowl is topped with almonds, pistachios, and Iranian barberry. Barberry? This unique dried fruit is akin with dried cranberries, though a bit more intense and bitter.

It doesn't work. It is just strange.


Like I said, unfortunate. People who have worked with Masoud say he is very passionate and deserving of success. The shop is new, so hopefully it will evolve into something more.

Also, I heard the shoyu is better than the shio, so maybe I should go back.


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Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Koenji Minami 1-6-6
Closest station: Higashikoenji

Open 11:30-14:00, 17:30-22:00
Closed Mondays

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Kevin said...

I completely disagree. I thought the soup had substance but was a bit katsuoboshi-heavy. Maybe since your last review it's changed for the better (I went there twice in the last month). I thought the best part was the noodles. They hand make them there and they had great bite and flavor. Give it another chance.