Thursday, March 28, 2013

ねいろ屋 (Neiro in Ogikubo)



This bowl was ranked as one of the best new shio ramen spots in Tokyo.


But there is a problem with that ranking. There are so few places trying to make a name with shio that you are pretty much guaranteed a spot on the annual lists.


A solid bowl, but nothing amazing. The shop occupies the old residence of Futaba, which I really loved. Armed with those memories of delicious ramen, Neiro had no chance with me.


But what's this? Today's special kakigori?


Yeeeeeeeesssssssssss! Kakigori, to branch as far away from ramen as possible for a minute, is Japanese shaved ice. But it is so much more. In the past (and present if you travel into the countryside), fresh river water was frozen in sheets and saved for the summer. The blocks are shaved with razor sharp blades to make this treat more of a cloud than a snowball.


And the toppings! Sugary syrup is strictly for the kids at the outdoor festivals. Real kakigori uses fresh everything. Expect juice squeezed at the shop, and honey infused with all kinds of flavors. On this day, the special was spicy ginger syrup topped with lime juice.



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Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Amanuma 3-26-14
Closest station: Ogikubo

Open 11:30-20:00
Closed Tuesdays and some Wednesdays

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