Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mister Donuts Ramen

Mister Donuts


Simply eaten because it sits in my ramen bucket list. No expectations. Scratch that . . . low expectations.


Mister Donuts is a nationwide chain of donut shops. The cheap ones are about a buck, and premium ones not much more than that. I have been here hundreds of times, as they give free refills on their tasty cafe au lait.

And for some reason, they serve a very limited menu of Chinese food; noodles and dumplings.


The ramen . . . not bad! I'm sure the kakuni topping was preserved in an airlock bag and shipped from some far off place, and I'm sure the soup was from a bottle of concentrated brown liquid. But it wasn't awful. I'll just leave it at that.


About six bucks for the ramen, donut, and coffee.


This place is everywhere, and the hours are all a bit different.

Official Site Here


Scott said...

We thanks you for your sacrifice.

illahee said...

how funny.

i often get my kids noodles there. misudo got me through a few winters while pregnant (i get really really cold when preggers), and the free refills on coffee (then hot cafe au lait) really helped. i kept going because of the coffee and cake donuts. when the kids got big enough, i didn't want them to eat that much sugar, and they love ramen/noodles, so, there ya go. i've tried them a few times and i agree, not bad.

misudo claims to have originated in san francisco, and somehow this translate to chinese food + donuts. i'm not sure how that works out, but i do understand they are a part of dunkin donuts. meh, as long as they have the breakfast special, i'll keep going there!