Tuesday, March 26, 2013

じもと (Jimoto in Nishidai)



Beef aburasoba is the lure at this lunchtime-only shop on the north side of Tokyo.


The first thing you notice is the smell. Beef fat. Smells like a steakhouse. Intense. Add to that beef tounge, chunks of fried beef, and three half-cooked quail eggs for something that has made all the magazines of late.


Jimoto turns into an izakaya at night, serving drinks and snacks into the late hours.


Definitively something worth checking out if you have the chance. Nishidai is a bit out of the way for most people, so I won't feel bad if you can't make it here for a weekday lunch.

There was a bit of a beef boom a few years back, and a bunch of bad shops made bad beef ramen. With shops like Jimoto and Matador on the scene, though, there is hope for the bovine based noodles.


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Tokyo, Itabashi-ku, Takashimadaira 1-79-1
Closest station: Nishidai

Open 11:30-14:30
Closed Tuesdays

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